Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leaping Lizards!

Or napping lizards, as the case may be...

The World Is My Toilet

Smoky says: It's great to be an outdoor cat. I have a litter box in the garage, and the entire world outside the garage is my toilet.

Looking Good

The new porcelain tile flooring is looking good. We can only hope that it will be as impervious to pet damage as we've been told. Anything would be better than carpeting at this point.

Work in Progress

Polly stopped by to do a quick inspection of the flooring work in progress.

The truth will out

We knew that the dogs were piddling inside, drawn by the irresistible scent of the previous owner's dog's urine and compelled by the Canine Mandate of Marking Your Territory, but we didn't know how bad it was until the carpet came off the floor last week and revealed the disgusting truth. They were peeing in places that we didn't even know about. As John the Carpet Man explained, "That's the problem with carpet. It hides everything."

Rites of Passage

Last week, Licorice and Spice graduated from Kitten School and (as all 9 Dogs Howling residents must be) were neutered in the interests of population control. They came through this rite of passage feeling that Going To Camp (i.e., the animal hospital) sucks, but they were back on the job the next day.