Friday, February 18, 2011

And the nap goes on...

Babe's Application

New arrivals at 9 Dogs Howling are required to submit an application, a $5000 security deposit, and an essay (maximum 500 words) about why they should live here. Here's the discussion Babe and I had about his essay:

Babe: I should live at 9 Dogs Howling because I'm the cutest puppy there ever was.
Jean: Yeah, they all say that.
Babe: No, it's true. I'm the cutest ever.
Jean: First Georgie said that, then Polly, then Patch, and after that, it was downhill all the way.
Babe: I'll be good, I promise.
Jean: Oh? What about the lamp cord over there?
Babe: I'm a puppy! How was I supposed to know I'm not supposed to chew electrical cords?
Jean: And what about the corner of the hassock?
Babe: But Teddy and Jinx had already chewed on it when I got there. I was just evening it up, you know?
Jean: Yeah, I've heard that one before, too.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Babe moves in

The new puppy, Babe, has already worked himself into the Outdoor Dog pack here at 9 Dogs Howling and feels very much at home now. The cats are not pleased about it. Babe figures that any moving object is worth investigating for its entertainment value.

Blackberry Cheesecake

You thought Jinx cheesecake was good. But that was before you had a bite of irresistible Blackberry and deeee-licious!
As an aside: in this photo you see that the tip of Berry's penis is white. All three of Patch's male puppies have this same white spot. I suppose it makes the penis easier to find in the dark?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The new arrival

A few mornings ago, I found a note from Mr. P. on the kitchen table. It read: THERE'S A PUPPY IN THE GARAGE.

I hadn't had any coffee yet, so I just thought, "Yeah, so what else is new?" Then 10-15 minutes later I was awake enough for my curiosity to send me out to the garage (in the freezing cold) to see what was waiting for me there.

And there was indeed a puppy, maybe 2-3 months old, looking a lot like Jinx and Berry but with very short legs. He's absolutely adorable (aren't they all?) and Trudy has adopted him as her new best pal.