Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Possum's Revenge

This is the first day of a 2 week road trip I've been planning since January. Yesterday I decided it was time to retrieve a suitcase from the attic. I pulled down the hatch door and a large suitcase (not the one I wanted) fell out of the hatch and crashed down onto my left foot. When I had finished (for the moment) cussing and screaming with pain, I gingerly climbed the ladder to find the right suitcase, and at the top of the ladder found Possum sitting on a suitcase (not the one I wanted), watching me with wide-eyed innocence which didn't fool me for a moment. Since I couldn't find the suitcase I wanted up there, and the dogs were leaping around at the foot the ladder, all eager to join Possum in the attic (or better yet, chase her around the house), I exited the attic, shoved the door back up, and examined my grievously-injured foot.

When I saw the damage the suitcase had done - the day before my freaking vacation began - I had to conclude that Possum had pushed that big suitcase out of the hatch for the sole purpose of hurting me. She is probably the most disagreeable cat I've ever met and that kind of murderous intent is entirely consistent with her character. It's just as well that I won't see her again for 2 weeks because my own intention for her is murderous right now.