Monday, June 13, 2011

Making the most of the warm spots

The new porcelain tile floor is, as we were warned, very cool. Actually, it's cold, and unless the dogs have been out in the 90F heat for a while and want to cool off, they are always in search of a warm spot.

Berry never disappoints

Berry never disappoints us, mainly because he's so lazy, we expect nothing of him.

Nothing but the plumpness and juiciness and deliciousness of a fresh-picked blackberry.

Happy to Be Here

This is a come-n-get-me pose we usually find Jinx in, but he's obviously taught it to his adopted son, Babe.

Babe is extremely proud of himself because he's finally big enough to jump up on the bed by himself. He's still very short and very long, but nothing's gonna stop him from going where he wants to go!

Jinx's not-so-secret smile

Jinx is a very earnest young man who takes his job as protector of his house, yard and family very, very seriously. He often looks almost sad, weighed down by all his responsibility. But sometimes, when he's relaxed on the pillows on the bed in my study, Jinx's secret smile can be seen.

The Downward Dog

I've been doing some yoga exercises as part of my Pilates classes for the last few months and learned how to do the yoga position called the Downward Dog. Although I'm quite familiar with many typical dog poses, I didn't understand the name of the Downward Dog until I saw Teddy doing some stretching exercises on the deck yesterday. Then I understood completely.

Skinny Dipping with Patch

Patch has put on some weight and is quite, um...matronly now, but she is not in the least concerned about fitting into last year's bikini. As soon as Grampa sets up the kiddie pool, Patch is going skinny dipping. Will you join her in jumping off the high-dive?

Bikini Season Approaches

Bikini season is fast approaching, and the owner of the fitness studio I frequent has launched her Summer Shape Up program with rigorous toning and shaping routines designed to make us all stunning at the pool or on the beach. Unfortunately, the studio is only for humans, and I fear that without some serious exercise, Miss Meg won't fit into her pink polka dot bikini this year.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As always, Polly has a very busy schedule here. She supervises all human, canine and feline activity. She's responsible for the Mealtime Warning System, an important function even though no one has ever forgotten to feed her in all the years she's lived here. She also has to lick both ears belonging to the other dogs at least once a day, preferably three times a day. And she also has to administer her patented Pug Hugs to her mom and dad. Polly's a spry little lady, but even she gets so tired she can barely keep her eyes open.

New House Rules at 9 Dogs Howling

We just finished a big home improvement project here at 9 Dogs Howling Headquarters. We had the nasty carpeting in the living room, hallways, laundry room, and my study replaced with beautiful porcelain tiles. The dogs were not allowed inside during the project, which was hard on everyone. Earlier this week they came inside for the first time since we began the project weeks ago and were extremely puzzled to find cold tiles instead of their beloved, warm, stinky carpet. Since the weather here is in the mid 90's, you'd think they'd appreciate nice cool tiles, but no.

Anyway, one of the new House Rules here is that the indoor dogs must be crated at night and when all the humans are gone during the day. Polly & Georgie don't mind this at all, partly because their crate is one of the only soft, warm places here for a dog to sit now. We've gotten a bigger, wire crate since this photo of Georgie was taken. As you can see, he's resting comfortably.