Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Big Grin

Mr. P. claims that Berry makes scary faces at him, revealing his teeth in a sort of growl, and calls him "Scary Berry." When I see Berry's toothy grain, I see something quite different, something that's actually quite adorable...

Meg's boo-boo ear

Recently Meg developed a big hematoma on one ear, probably the result of too much licking or rubbing. Ear-licking is one of the most popular leisure-time activities here at 9 Dogs Howling.

Georgie had a hematoma on his ear a few years ago that required surgery and a temporary drain. Apparently the procedure has changed, because Meg had surgery to drain the blood and about 1" x 1/2" of the interior of her ear was left exposed, with big stitches threaded through clear plastic tubes to hold her ear together. It's very strange looking but she doesn't seem to mind it, especially because Grammy has to give her medicine twice a day - a doggy ibuprofen (very tasty, according to Meg) and an antibiotic pill buried in a lump of peanut butter. Meg had never experienced peanut butter before and is now addicted to it. When I go to the cupboard where the peanut butter is kept, every dog comes running, and they're very disappointed if I pull out a bag of kidney beans instead. They'd probably like the kidney beans OK, but we're not going down that road right now.

One size fits most

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big & Little

Please try to ignore how dirty this chair is while you enjoy this illustration of the lion lying down with the lamb.

Speaking of Chairs....

This little Goldilocks found just the right size chair.

Front Porch View

One of the most popular spots here at the 9 Dogs Howling Ranch is a chair on the front porch. I bought that chair in China about 10 years ago and had it, another chair, and a matching table shipped home in a container of goods going to my employer's warehouse. Mr. P. and I used to sit on those chairs while shelling beans and enjoying fresh air and sunshine. Then our pet population exploded, and now we're seldom allowed to use the chairs. If Lucy isn't perched in a chair trying to chew the bark off, the cats are in charge of it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can we come in now, pretty please?

It's cold outside. It's snowing and sleeting and we forgot to put on our mittens and hats. Please can we come inside now?

Goldilocks and the Three Chairs

When I got home from work a few days ago, I discovered a semi-circle of chairs in the living room. Mr. P. had brought home a tiny child's armchair (discarded on the college campus where he works) to add to the furniture grouping in the television viewing area. So now Goldilocks has three chairs to choose from: extra small, small, and medium.

Since I don't watch television, I'm not allowed inside the enchanted circle. My chair is the big blue one in the background, which Berry is keeping warm for me.