Saturday, September 12, 2009

Abby Speaks

Lisa's niece, Abby, is a wheaten Scottish Terrier with a big nose and a big personality.
During my visit to Seattle, I especially enjoyed up-close-and-personal encounters with Miss Abby. She and I share our Scottish heritage and traits. Here's an interview with her:

What's your full name? I am Abigail McFarland…a Scottish Lass…named for my great, great grandmother. You may call me Miss Abigail.

How old are you? I am not quite one year old, but I am mature for my age.

Who's your best friend? This little mutt named “Muffin.” She's not a pure breed like me, but she’s good company for guarding the house during the day and especially at night, and she's a good companion in a ‘scrap’ when we have to put another dog in its place! We work well as a team. Our mistress leaves out a variety of entertainment items for us to shred for ‘good will.’ When she arrives home, she always says, ”More stuff for Good Will.” We prepare shoes...and magazines…and books…socks, and anything hanging low the closet. It’s nice to think we are spreading good will throughout the garage. It is filled with items we have processed.

Who's your worst enemy? Enemy? I’m not afraid of anyone! They tremble at my bark. Well, maybe the two hounds next door could be dangerous if they ever made contact. I like to go just to the edge of the fence and bark my head off. It makes them furious. They body slam the fence. I can dig under the fence and go into their territory…then turn and run back under just in time. It makes them crazy. I love the power. I try to be humble…but I AM a Scottish Terror after all.

What's your favorite food? Food, food, food. Any kind, any flavor, any texture, any heat. I am a doggie vacuum cleaner. I will eat anything left on the floor, anything in my bowl, anything in the cat’s bowl, and anything I can reach on the table. I don't care what you say about my big butt. It’s my Scottish heritage.

What's your favorite toy? Bones, bones, bones. Rib bones, steak bones, soup bones, anything I can chew to bits. I lick bones, and hid them, and carry them, and chew them, and throw them.

What's your favorite time of day? My favorite time of day is when my mistress gets home. It could be any hour, so it’s always a surprise. I love surprises. I get the leashes and it’s walkin’ time.

Can you do tricks? Sit. That’s it. I will never be a dancer.

What's your motto in life? Protect and Preserve Home and Family. I am a loyal lass who believes my role in life is to keep everyone I love safe and sound. It’s my destiny.

How do you feel about baths? Pathetic! My nose looks like a Collie’s when it is wet…long and narrow. It’s humiliating. It takes forever for my fur to dry because I have a thick undercoat. I dry looking like a fluffy crazy hair piece. My hair doesn’t calm down for days. I prefer my dread locks.

How many hours a day do you sleep? I have no clue. I wake up at the slightest noise and bark, bark, bark…just in case it is a dangerous stranger.

What are you afraid of? Are you kidding? You should ask who’s afraid of me? I am a Scottish clanswoman who fears nothing. Haven’t you seen Braveheart? That movie was all about my kinsmen.

Who do you love the most? My mistress. I love to get on her lap and gaze into her eyes when she talks to me. I sit really, really close to her so she's sure to see me. And she loves me so much, I can’t help but love her back. She scratches me in my favorite spot, way back by my tail, that I can’t reach. She says I lower her blood pressure and keep her heart wide open. That’s a good reason to be a pet! I also adore my Auntie Lisa. She is the only family member who truly respects my heritage and takes time out to stare with me. We stare at each other up close and she tells me how beautiful I am.
-- Miss Abigail

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