Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't Forget...

Last week I had minor surgery (although it sure didn't seem minor at the time, or even now, come to think of it), so I didn't work. I earned a $10 advance on a custom art collage project, and that was it. This past weekend the weather here started getting hot and after a day or two we realized that our 7-yr-old central air conditioning was just not working. Bad news, especially in hot weather, but the good news is that the unit came with a 10-year parts warranty. The A/C guy finally came out to look at it, said the motor had seized up, but it's an unusual size so they'd have to order it. After a lot of nagging, he came back with a new motor, but it was the wrong size.

Today I went back to work, thankful to be earning a few bucks in an airconditioned store. When I got home, I called the A/C place. Bad news. They had a hard time finding the correct motor and it won't be in until early next week. Then Mr. P. came home with the mail, which included a magazine from Reelfoot Animal Hospital with a photo of Cloris Leachman and a little fluffy dog wearing a hairstyle like hers. I loved Cloris Leachman back in her Mary Tyler Moore Days, but I'm way, way past little fluffy dogs. And I was not happy to see the reminder note on the outer wrap: "Don't forget, Jinx is due for the following:" (long list of vaccinations and exams - ka ching, ka ching, ka ching) and "Berry, Meg and Teddy are also due for a visit. Please contact our office for details." The only detail that concerns me is getting enough tranquilizers for Meg and me.

Where are we going to find the money for all this, I ask you? The pups are old enough now to get jobs, a paper route or lifeguarding job or delivering burgers to the drive-up customers at Sonic. But no, they lounge around all day long, eating us out of house and home, while Cloris Leachman shops for fluffy dog hair bows on Rodeo Drive. Or somewhere like that.

Another article in this magazine is entitled: Living with Multiple Pets. To quote: "Sharing a home with more than one pet comes with certain challenges. Here are the solutions you need."
Can't wait to read that one.


Ying and Yang said...

Hi Jean and the gang, glad to see you blogging again after the recent sadnesses.
Maybe your pup dr. will give you a discount if you take everyone at once(ours does) either that, or they will pay you to get your small army of furryness out of there BOL
And what is it with Moms? Ours thinks we should do something "useful", whatever, being sweet and cute and funny is more that enuff!
Have a good weekend!

Grins and Kisses,
Ying and Yang

Jean said...

Y & Y,

Our vet does give us a group discount, but you're's a major project just to transport all these critters, and when the front desk ladies see us come in, their eyes glaze over.

I know what you mean about the moms' universal need for their kids to become productive citizens. When I graduated from high school at age 16, my own mom gave me a speech: You think you're smart because you graduated early, now prove you're smart and get a job.