Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sanford & Son move to west Tennessee

Trudy's prospects are not looking good today.

While I was at work yesterday, she took one of Possum's kittens out into the back yard, almost to the edge of our property (we have over 4 acres). The kitten wasn't hurt, just frightened and yowling. Mr. P. told her (very loudly) that kittens are not toys.

This morning I looked out at our front yard and saw that Trudy has set up sort of a play area near a lilac bush. I haven't inspected it closely, but it looks like she's got 2 blankets, 3 large pieces of styrofoam, a piece of plywood, and 2 small garden statues. Fortunately our house is set far back from the street so passers-by can't enjoy the white-trash view.

So Mr. P. locked Trudy out of the garage last night. I see this as a temporary solution. A long-term solution would be for him to clean up all the crap he's got in the garage, the inside of which looks like a scene from Sanford & Son.

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