Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weaning the Puppies

Yesterday when I was feeding the Little Puppies, the sound of kibble hitting the feeding dish called Blackie into the garage to investigate. She is trying so hard to stay out of reach of the puppies (to wean them), but she just couldn't resist the kibble. As soon as she arrived, the puppies abandoned the food and headed for Blackie's teats. The first one to attempt to nurse got growled at. When he tried again, she snapped and growled at him. He cowered on the floor, ears back, whimpering, and my heart broke for him even though I know Blackie needs to do what she's doing. Then I had to laugh because as the rest of the puppies swarmed around her, Blackie stomped over to her box and hopped in so they couldn't get at her. If you look at the photo in my October 22nd post entitled Box Hab For Dogs, you'll see why.

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Anonymous said...

Can you imagine women who have multiple births!.. Hell it wouldn't take me long before I was snapping, growling and jumping into boxes!