Monday, March 15, 2010

Waist sizes

I've read a lot lately about how an excessive waist dimension in humans is associated with serious health problems, like cardiac disease, even if the person isn't obese. And because I had today off and needed a break from writing this afternoon, I measured our dogs' waists.

Polly - 15"

Georgie - 17"

Patch - 19"

Teddy & Jinx - 20" (Teddy and Jinx are a Mutt & Jeff: short & tall)

Berry - 25"

Meg - 26"

Victoria Beckham supposedly has a 23" waist. I fear Meg never may make it as a fashion model unless someone's selling Plus Sizes for Pups.

You can see from these photos that Meg is a hefty old heiffer, compared to trim little Teddy.
P.S. as I was measuring the dogs today, I was reminded of a coworker who told me that she knew it was time for her to go back to work after having a baby because she found herself weighing her houseplants before and after watering them (while her baby was napping)

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