Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Morning Red Alert

Here's how the 9 Dogs Howling Red Alert System works.

Jinx sees a dead leaf flutter in the pasture across the street and begins to growl.

Patch runs to the window to assist, whining softly.

Meg gallops over to look, can't see anything, but Jinx's growling trips her howling switch.

Goober assumes that a party has started and decides to crash it.
Berry hears Goober talking about a party and runs over to see if anyone's serving Buffalo Wings.
Teddy thinks Meg is singing, "O come, all ye faithful" and joins in the hymn singing.
Under the mistaken impression that the attacker is approaching from the north, not the south, Georgie runs to the French doors.
All the other dogs race back to the French doors and clamor to be let outside.
Meanwhile, Polly wags her tail and says, "Can I have a biscuit while they're outside?"

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