Friday, January 28, 2011

Puppies, puppies, everywhere

In this photo, you can see the #1 kitchen assistant, Berry, close to the counter, where he is more likely to capture falling roasts of beef and other fantasies. And George is, as always, right in front the fridge, where he will get pissed off every time a human opens the fridge door, but where his butt feels good because of the warm air coming out of the bottom vent. Meg is in the middle of the floor and on full alert duty, so Teddy (in the foreground) apparently feels safe enough to have a nap despite all the kitchen action because surely Meg would bark and wake him up if a cat were somehow to find its way into the house.

1 comment:

Malissa said...

I am actually shocked there is only four dogs in the kitchen. I would have assumed that everyone would want to be there for the chance to grab some foodables. I love that George loves to warm his tush, such a diva!