Friday, January 28, 2011

Puppies, puppies, everywhere

In this photo, you can see the #1 kitchen assistant, Berry, close to the counter, where he is more likely to capture falling roasts of beef and other fantasies. And George is, as always, right in front the fridge, where he will get pissed off every time a human opens the fridge door, but where his butt feels good because of the warm air coming out of the bottom vent. Meg is in the middle of the floor and on full alert duty, so Teddy (in the foreground) apparently feels safe enough to have a nap despite all the kitchen action because surely Meg would bark and wake him up if a cat were somehow to find its way into the house.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What do you mean, get out of the way?

This room is 15' x 20' and you're saying you can't get across the room because we're in the way? What a cry baby!

The Canine Sea of Love

Sunday, January 9, 2011

More cheesecake

I'll have another piece of that yummy cheesecake, please. Make this a BIG one!

Sunday Morning Red Alert

Here's how the 9 Dogs Howling Red Alert System works.

Jinx sees a dead leaf flutter in the pasture across the street and begins to growl.

Patch runs to the window to assist, whining softly.

Meg gallops over to look, can't see anything, but Jinx's growling trips her howling switch.

Goober assumes that a party has started and decides to crash it.
Berry hears Goober talking about a party and runs over to see if anyone's serving Buffalo Wings.
Teddy thinks Meg is singing, "O come, all ye faithful" and joins in the hymn singing.
Under the mistaken impression that the attacker is approaching from the north, not the south, Georgie runs to the French doors.
All the other dogs race back to the French doors and clamor to be let outside.
Meanwhile, Polly wags her tail and says, "Can I have a biscuit while they're outside?"

Winter Camping

When I was in college and madly in love with my 1st husband, we would go winter camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Now, I'm not talking camper camping. I'm talking tent & sleeping bag camping. On snow covering frozen ground. Why? I already explained that with 3 words: madly in love. Because human memory tends to block out memories of pain (like childbirth), I had forgotten all about winter camping until I looked out into the front yard this morning and saw that Trudy had set up camp by dragging some of her bedding from the garage to the front lawn and settling down to rest a while.

One patch of sun

One patch of sun + 2 small dogs = adorable to the zillionth degree

The incompatibility of dogs and cleanliness

8:35 am - clean floor
8:36 am - dogs come inside
8:37 am - dirty floor
9:00 am - clean floor
9:01 am - dogs go outside
9:22 am - dogs come inside again
9:23 am - dirty floor
repeat all day, every day, and you begin to understand that dogs and cleanliness are just not compatible

Friday, January 7, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Dear God,
It's me, Patch. I just want to thank you again for sending me to live at 9 Dogs Howling. I love it here. It's so comfy and I get fed every day with treats, too, and I'm never lonely or bored, and I have the best daddy in the whole world. When his hands are cold, he pets me with his gloves on so I won't get cold. And he loves me better than all the other dogs put together. I don't care what they say: I am the only Daddy's girl.