Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another busy day

Another busy day here at 9 Dogs Howling.

Jinx stole Mr. Parker's little red notebook off the dining table and ate it, including most of the wire spiral. The last time one of his notebooks perished in a dog's mouth, the dog received death threats, but today Mr. P. thought it was funny. I guess he hadn't left any important notes in there. That he's remembered yet.
Berry ate the French wire from one of my earrings. Apparently the earring fell out of my ear and was just too tasty-looking for him to resist. I rescued the dangling decorative part (slightly chewed) but the French wire was long gone.
Meg and Teddy shared one of my Bic pens. A little piece of the barrel and one shred of the cap were left when I discovered this theft.
We're going to have some interesting-looking poops out there tomorrow. Mr. Parker suggested that I feed Berry some prunes so I would be able to identify his poop from its consistency and search through it to retrieve my earring, but I declined.

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