Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank you, Auntie Lisa

Dear Auntie Lisa,
Thank you so much for finding my grammy and sending her home where she belongs. She has a terrible habit of wandering off and we were afraid she was lost forever this time. And thanks for the neat toys! Grammy put some dog kibble in the red toy and I enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately there was no kibble and not much toy left by the time the other kids got to play with it. Grammy said the toy was inedible but it tasted fine to me. Meg and Jinx chewed the rope on the purple toy until it was in a zillion tiny threads all over the living room carpet and Grammy said some swear words while she was cleaning it up. Then she cut the rope off the toy and gave it back to us, but it isn’t nearly as fun without the rope to shred.
When Grampa came home from work, he put our new dog collars on us. Berry has the red plaid, I have the red and brown paisley, Meg has pink polka dots, Jinx has blue argyle, and Mom (Patch) has purple & pink. We all look very stylish now but I am the most handsome of all. Here is a picture of me playing with the red toy, and a picture of the toy when Grammy took it away from me. I had only been playing with it for, like, 5 minutes. I wasn’t done yet!
Grammy showed us lots of photos of you and Uncle John and Fritz and Ziggy and Harley and Pashmina. I hope you can come visit us some day. You can sleep with me in my dog bowl if you want.


Lisa O. said...

I can't believe what they did to this toy! It's not a chewy, it's designed to keep them entertained for hours by rolling it along with their noses while it dispenses kibble! Hooligans!
Maybe you didn't demonstrate how to use it properly!


Jean said...

Well, it WOULD have kept them entertained for hours, while they gradually ATE it! But I spoiled that party. We can't afford to pay for surgery to fix doggy intestines blocked with chunks of red rubber.