Thursday, August 20, 2009

I see you!

Fritz and Ziggy live with four cats on their Washington estate. Only two dogs to police four cats...? Hardly fair when you consider that here in Tennessee, we have seven dogs to deal with one cat. But F&Z deal with it manfully. It may be due to other factors, such as temperament (though F&Z gladly accept credit for it), but those cats are very shy, especially Sadie and Pashmina. I did manage to photograph Pashmina once, peeking around a door frame.
I see you, Pashy!


Lisa O. said...

Caught on film! One shy feline. Pashmina has now taken to sleeping under the fallen log in the woods behind the house. She prefers to take her chances with the mother racoon and 4 babies than the 2 terrible Schnauzers that love to chase her up the fence!


Jean said...

I'll bet Pashmina could bop those doggy noses pretty hard if she wanted to...but she's far, far above that kind of behavior!