Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

Looking at the porkers - excuse me, I mean puppies - now (at about 50 lbs each), it's hard to believe they were born only one year ago today weighing a little under 14 ounces each. And it's hard to grasp how much our lives have changed since then.
When it came time for their birthday party today, they were too pooped from a long day of playing to do much partying. Only Polly stayed alert, waiting for the birthday cake. Meg was inexplicably traumatized by the party hat I made for her and had to lie down with a cool cloth on her forehead and be fed red M&M's one by one. The party broke up when Georgie went outside to look for fudgsicles (which he found, judging by his breath) and Patch loudly announced that a herd of dragons had invaded the back yard. Everyone trooped out to investigate. The party was over. And so Year Two at 9 Dogs Howling begins...

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Debra Kay said...

Molly turned one on December 18-where did my baby girl go? I have baby Solo now, and he's growing fast too. Today we have "first snow" for Solo and a fairly rare even for everyone.

It's good to see Patch safe and warm inside at last.