Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Polly's Wish List

Polly: Why did you wake me up? I was so comfy. I was dreaming that Patch and I were sunbathing on a beach in the Caribbean, wearing our pink polka dot bikinis.

Jean: Sorry to disturb you, but have you finished your Christmas wish list yet?

Patch (thinking): I already got my wish. I'm an indoor dog now!

Polly: I want the pink Disney pajamas with the magic wand that you saw at JC Penney. And a pink ipod. And a pink laptop. And DVDs of Benji, Lassie Come Home, Babe, Flashdance, My Fair Lady, and Pretty Woman. And a pink collar with rhinestones on it. And a pink down jacket with fur trim and matching boots. Ten pounds of chocolate-covered Milk Bonz. A Magnum of pink champagne. A round-trip ticket (first class) to St. Lucia. A pink villa in Spain, preferably Majorca. Pink Jimmy Choo shoes. My own Visa card. A pink convertible Mustang. Pink Prada sunglasses, and pink...

Jean: OK, OK, that's enough.

Polly: But I'm not done yet!

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