Saturday, January 9, 2010

Live and in Concert...Georgie!

So, my old digital camera (possibly overloaded by dog photos) finally s**t the bed. The new one I bought today (for $50 less than the original) is smaller, 1000 times easier to use, and it shoots videos too! That feature may seem like nothing to tech-savvy folks who use their cell phones to shoot videos, access the Internet, compose symphonies, and who knows what else. But I am reminded of my childhood home movies, taken with an enormous, clunky camera and viewed with an enormous, clunky projector on an enormous, clunky roll-down screen. My father's brother, Archibald, was our family's photographer (almost to the point of being obnoxious, bless his heart). We kids used to call him "Uncle Archibulb" because every time we saw him, flash bulbs would go off. Each bulb was good for one flash, so sometimes we could escape while he was affixing a fresh bulb to the camera.

But back to today's feature movie, "Hello Georgie." Not nearly as polished as "Hello Dolly", and it features some unneccessary views of my feet, but it does show off my handsome boy and his snuffling, with heartfelt performances by Georgie & Jean, and a delightful cameo by Polly. I suppose I will have to film "Hello Polly" now. We'll need costumes for that.

Note the big stain on the rug, behind Georgie. That's where he puked up a gallon of poop the other day. I've cleaned it with the rug shampooer twice and although it looks a lot better than it did, I fear it will need more work. On my part, Georgie, not yours. Please.

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