Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh no, not again!

When I came home from work this afternoon, a new cat greeted me in the garage - a clean, pretty, mostly white chunkster. When I petted her, Miss Kitty and Smoky came charging out to object to sharing the affection. Then I forgot about the newcomer for a while, as I was a teeny bit preoccupied by the 7 dogs who claimed they had not been fed in at least 92 years.

When Mr. P. got home an hour later, he asked me if I had met our new boarder.

"You mean the new kitty?"

"Yeah," he said, "The pregnant one."

Oh, so that's why she's so chunky. That's just marvelous. According to Mr. P., she showed up last night, settled onto a doormat he had stashed on one of the storage shelves in the garage, and refused to leave. He says that Miss Kitty and Smoky are not at all happy about the new kitty but so far their hissing hasn't budged her.

"Just wait until her kittens arrive," Mr. P.

Oh no, not again!

1 comment:

dogboy443 said...

You know cats can have up to 9-10 kittens...should be fun in a month or so.