Thursday, June 10, 2010

9 Dogs Kitchen Counter Policy

The Kitchen Counter Policy here at 9 Dogs Howling is very simple: NO DOGS ALLOWED. Not even one small part of a dog. Not a paw, not a chin, and most definitely not a tongue.

I thought Nina was my friend, but she turns out to be a dog subversive, because she sent me this photo of her Reiki, and as soon as my dogs saw it, they wanted to know, "Why is Reiki allowed on the counter but we're not allowed on the counter? It isn't fair!"


Malissa said...

There is no way my dogs are allowed on the counter. Of course there is also no way my dogs could get their butts up to the counter so I am lucky that way. They are allowed everywhere else as it is their house and I am allowed to live with them.
I love your blog and admire all that you guys go through. Such a large, happy, and crazy family!

Jean said...

We've been spoiled in the past because we had dogs that were too small (or dimwitted) to reach the counter. Those were the good old days!