Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And the walls came tumbling down

I'm not saying that the 9 Dogs Howling HQ is anything like Jericho in the Bible, but it is our own little fortress, and I fear that its walls will soon come tumbling down.

When I left for work yesterday, I managed to get all the big dogs outside except Jinx. I foolishly delayed the dog organizing until after I was dressed for work. Jinx is about the size of a horse now and when I try to bodily move him, he pees on me. Plus, shoving him out the door while 5 other dogs are trying to get back in is not a one-person job. Knowing that Mr. P. would be home in 1-1/2 hrs, I left Jinx with Polly & Georgie and hurried out to work.
And Jinx managed to get quite a lot done in that 1-1/2 hrs. He's not owning up to anything. In fact, he has implied that the crime was most likely committed by one or two snub-nosed dogs, not a long-nosed dog like him. But Georgie is far too lazy to do anything like this, and Polly wouldn't do it unless the wall had been soaked with popcorn flavoring.
So, what was Jinx thinking? Something like this...
Hmmm, she went out that door, maybe if I go after her I can get her back. I'll just chew a little opening here...no, that won't work...maybe here?.....no good....ah, this is the spot!
And he chewed away until he heard the sound of Mr. P.'s truck in the driveway...

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