Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Harley's Morning Ritual

Lisa reports that her senior kitty, Harley, has a new morning ritual. She describes it thusly:

Here's the drill: Humans wake up and enter the rain chamber to create drinking water for Harley. Humans let King Harley into the bedroom for his morning drink. Harley yowls loudly to let humans know that we are not moving fast enough and then jumps up onto the vanity indicating that he would like you to turn the faucet on. Once you do, he jumps down off the vanity and cries in front of the shower door. Humans hop to it and open the shower door so the King may enter and drink daintily off the top of the jar lid. Harley then finishes his drink and sprawls on the floor where you are sure to trip over him while attempting to get dressed. Dog are let out of their sleeping crate in retribution and chase King Harley up onto the edge of the tub where he takes a couple of swipes at the dogs. Dogs retreat to go downstairs for potty. Harley stretches out on the tub where the dogs can't get him and settles in for a long winter's nap! The end.

Ah, life! Aint it grand?!

Indeed it is, Harley, indeed it is, when you have three dogs to torture and at least four humans to do your bidding.

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