Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Invasion

A strange orange cat has invaded 9 Dogs. He is extremely aggressive and gets into prolonged yowling arguments with Smoky, our senior cat. He even chased Smoky out of his own garage the other day. Now he is stuck in a tree near the fenced dog yard and yowling about coming down, but when I went to the base of the tree and spoke nicely to him, he yowled louder and went further up the tree.

My theory is that the orange kitty is yet another drop-off. He's been traumatized and he's scared. I do understand that. But I am not lugging Mr. P.'s orchard ladder out there to rescue him only to get bitten or scratched. This kitty is on his own...until he attacks one of our cats...in which case he's outta here.

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