Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting to know Goofy

Georgie is extremely curious about Goofy, so much so that he balances delicately on the arm of the chair next to the front window. He reminds me of a circus elephant in that pose.

Polly, Patch, Teddy, and Jinx all went out (one at a time, on a leash) to meet Goofy today. Polly worked hard to explain to him and demonstrate the correct Doggy Hello (i.e., butt-sniffing). After Goofy got tired of trying to hump her, he finally got around to sniffing her hinie. Patch wanted absolutely nothing to do with him and ignored his humping altogether. Jinx tolerated the humping good-naturedly, while Teddy seemed to quite enjoy it (no surprise there).
We'll introduce Goofy to the rest of the dogs tomorrow, and on Thursday will put Goofy in the fenced-in yard with the gang and hope for the best.

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