Friday, May 21, 2010

Postcard from the 9 Dogs Resort

So I heard about this exclusive resort where all the cool dogs go and decided to check it out. It didn't look like much at first and you needed a secret password to get in. I didn't even know how to bark, never mind a password, but after a few days of persistence, I finally got in. Man oh man is it ever fabulous, like beyond my wildest dreams. Lots of other dogs to hang with, a nice yard where you can dig holes and eat poop all day long, a big deck for sunbathing, cats to chase, all the food and bugs you can eat, hugs and kisses whenever you want, all kinds of events and activities all day long, our own bedroom, and inside the main house is all this furniture to play and sleep on and windows to look out of and the kitchen trash can to lick.

At first, Jinx had to tell me over and over again that he's the Alpha Dog. I'm like, hey, dude, I got it the first time. No big deal to put up with his bossiness when there's so much good stuff to enjoy here. I'm never going to leave here, ever ever. And I'm not telling where it is, because it's up to full capacity and no new guests are being admitted.

Well, I gotta go now. Jinx says the mail carrier lady is on her way down the driveway and we have to supervise. And what Jinx says, goes. But that's cool. I'm down with that. I wanna be big and strong like Jinx one day. He's my bud, you know?



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