Friday, May 14, 2010

Home of the Whoppers

You thought Burger King was home of the Whopper? You were wrong. 9 Dogs Howling is the real home of the Whopper. Four of 'em.

We took the pups to the vet for their annual exam and shots today. This is a major project, along the line of dismantling the Empire State Building and reassembling it on the top of Mount Washington. We take two dogs at a time, each in a crate in the back of Mr. P.'s pickup truck, using a handtruck to wheel the loaded crates in and out of the animal hospital. When we get the first two home again, everyone has a cup of coffee or a Valium, then we do the next batch. No one enjoys the outing, but it must be done.

Thank goodness it's over for another year, and we didn't get yelled at because Meg and Berry are so fat. In fact, we had been overestimating their weights, which we were convinced were 60 pounds or more (each). These puppies who weighed under a pound when they were born 17 months ago now weigh:

Teddy: 47.4 lbs
Jinx: 51.4 lbs
Berry: 54 lbs
Meg: 55 lbs

Like I said: the whoppers.

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