Sunday, May 30, 2010

In training for the X-Treme Napping Olympics

There's a new event in the Winter Olympics: X-Treme Napping. The 9 Dogs gang is now in intense training to prepare for tryouts for the USA Team. Here we interview 9 Dogs Captain Berry:

Jean: I see you're hard at work. How long as this particular training session lasted?

Berry: Actually, this is just short prep session.
Jean: How is a prep session different from a training session?
Berry: First, I walk around in circles on the chair three times until I find just the right spot. Then I lie down. Then I close my eyes and check the inside of my eyelids for cracks.
Jean: Cracks?
Berry: Yes, cracks. They're very serious, because they let in light that might keep me awake.
Jean: OK, go on.
Berry: Then I do some deep breathing exercises, pausing only to lick my nuts if it seems indicated.
Jean: You don't have nuts anymore, Berry.
Berry: I don't? Hmmm, musta slept through that. Anyway, after 3 minutes of deep breathing, I proceed into Deep Nap Mode.
Jean: And how long does that last?
Berry: Until supper. Or breakfast. Whichever comes first.
Jean: So you do stop for meals?
Berry: Oh yes, that's essential. Gotta keep up my strength, you know? Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get on with the training.
Jean: By all means. And good luck at the tryouts. Where will the tryouts be held, by the way?
Berry: At King Koil House of Mattresses.
Jean: Where is that located?
Berry: You'll have to ask my manager, Miss Polly.

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