Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ten dogs and counting

Well, we're back up to ten dogs here at the 9 Dogs Howling. When we got back from the vet with the 4 pups and a receipt for $368, Mr. P. announced, "No more critters." But later that day, another unwanted puppy was dropped off here, and made his way, quivering and crying, down our driveway, and within a matter of hours had wormed his way into our hearts.
He's painfully thin and was covered with ticks (ticks are really bad this year). He needs a LOT of attention and reassurance, but he is darling. We think he has some pit bull in him and he's a beautiful dark greyish-brown color. I call him Rocky (I'm not sure why - maybe for the same reason some people call me Curly) and Mr. P. calls him Dip Stick. We're going to have to negotiate a compromise on that subject pretty soon.
Meanwhile, Goldie is pregnant again. We should have had her spayed last fall, after her last litter, but we had just paid to spay Blackie, were short of cash, and tried to persuade our neighbor to pay for it (no luck there). She looks like she has 30 or 40 puppies in there.


dogboy443 said...

He;s gorgeous. It's a shame that locals take advantage of your good nature and big heart.

Jean said...

The other day I was doing some get-to-know-you chatting with a new co-worker who does volunteer work for a nearby animal shelter (man, did she have some horror stories to tell). When I described how we acquired all these animals, she nodded and said, "Sucker!"