Friday, May 21, 2010

A Well Puppy Doctor Visit

Parents of infants talk about taking their child to the doctor for a "well baby" visit, or checkup.

Goofy (whose name seems to have become Goober) had his first well puppy visit yesterday morning. He's 5 months old, 27 lbs, a pit-bull/Heinz 57 mix, and destined to grow to about 50 lbs. When he came home from the vet, he spent the rest of the day getting to know the rest of the brood while romping around in the house and fenced-in yard. The intro went even better than we had hoped. Jinx spent some time emphasizing that he is Alpha Dog while Goober said, "OK, fine by me" and went on trying to hump him. Even Georgie (the resident crochety old man) tolerated the newcomer. Meg was so energized that she actually jumped a few times. All the dogs played with Goober, but Teddy seems to be his special friend, possibly because he actually enjoys being humped.

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