Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another danger of dog ownership

I can't recall if I've mentioned before that our dogs treat me like a large chew toy. A beloved, favorite chew toy. I'm always covered with bruises and scratches, arousing the suspicion of medical professionals who have never met our dogs and are worried that Mr. P. is abusing me. I freely admit that I am terrible at discipline. I am fair skinned and have always bruised easily, only more so as I get older (and acquire more dogs). One of the more spectacular injuries resulted from the collision of Goober's cement skull with my left shin. That produced a bump the size and shape of a jumbo chicken egg, shown here. The bump has been replaced by a bruise about 4" in diameter. Thanks, Goob.


Malissa said...

I feel your pain. I am also very white and bruise easily. I often wake up in the morning with bruises I didn't have the day before. I swear these animals beat me up while I sleep. My pug/billygoat LOVES to climb on me at times. Of course if he slips, why not use the claws to slow or stop himself! Thank goodness for large band-aids!

Anonymous said...

Same here with 7 dogs that like to climb all over me that includes my goober dog and the puppy, which will be a year old next month and clocks in at 120 lbs. Don't you just love seeing a new bruise and wonder where did that come from.