Thursday, September 2, 2010

The new arrival

We moved to Tennessee because I got the job of a lifetime here, but I didn't stay at that job for very long and lately I've been thinking that God sent us here to take care of unwanted animals. Like our newest arrival, a scrawny kitty with a swollen belly (either she's a pregnant female, or a kitty with something bad going on in there) and skinny, matted legs and tail. At first there was some growling and hissing because the Resident Cats (Miss Kitty and Smoky) objected to the new arrival and the New Arrival objected to the unfriendly welcome. After everyone had some kibble and water, things were much more peaceful, and the New Arrival settled down to nap on a chair in Mr. P.'s garage work room.


Malissa said...

That is a seriously snarky face she is giving you! Hopefully things go better with this arrival. If I was able to take in animals I would. I think my landlords wouldn't like it though. Two dogs and a cat in a one bedroom is enough! It is hard to find a place in Los Angeles that has a yard for dogs, so I am not going to rock the boat. I also don't want to end up on that confessions of animal hoarding show! Yikes! You and your husband are amazing to take in these lost souls. I love reading your posts even if I don't comment every time! Good luck with your sassy new friend!

Jean said...

We haven't seen Miss Snarky today, so we're hoping that she gained some sustenance here and moved on. Not that we wouldn't have taken care of her, but that big belly said, "WORMS" to me, and I've had a kitty die from that kind of infestation.