Friday, September 17, 2010

Introducing Trudie

For about a month, we've been seeing a charcoal grey dog running loose in the neighborhood (if that's what you can call a small settlement of houses out in the farm lands). We thought it was Goober's brother.

Today, Blackie (our town crier and goodwill ambassador) brought the grey doggie up to the house with a canine letter of recommendation. Turns out it's a sister, not a brother. Much smaller, scrawnier, and mangier, but most certainly she is Goober's sister. And like Goober when he arrived here, she is sweet and needy and cuddly.
At first I thought that Mr. P. would cast her out, but apparently she had worked her charm on him and when I got home from work, he was talking baby talk to her and giving her Milk Bonz. So I named her Gertude, or Trudie for short.
And now it's 10 Dogs Howling, plus a basketful of kittens!

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