Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We have kitten(s)!

Possum (the new kitty) has been very cranky for the past few days, and no wonder, with that belly full of kitten. This morning I looked her skinny hips and thought, "How are those kittens going to get out of there?"

At about 7:00 pm, Mr. Parker charged into my study saying, "You're a grandmother again!" So we went out to the garage to investigate. Possum chose the kitty crate in the most protected spot (Mr. P.'s workroom at the back of the garage) and as far as we could tell, had birthed one little kitten. It was mewing and nursing while Possum licked it. It looked like a maggot with fur.
According to Mr. P.'s Royal Proclomation, we are not to disturb Possum and her family for the next week. NO photo ops! That's OK, but I think I'll have to tiptoe out there at least once a day and make sure the family's OK. Don't tell anyone, OK?

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