Thursday, September 2, 2010

Counter Food

Until Patch and her pups arrived, we had never had a dog tall enough to steal food off the kitchen counter. Gradually we figured out that food must be set at the back of the counter. And then we discovered that SOME dogs (like Teddy) will go to extreme lengths to capture Counter Food. It doesn't matter what the food is: tomatoes, apples, peppers, thawing meat, you name it, it's all game.
Last weekend, Mr. P. set a trap on the counter: a hot pepper. He figured that its fiery taste would teach Teddy and the gang that counter food isn't always good food. At 2:00 pm on Sunday, the pepper lure was poised on the edge of the counter. At 2:05 pm, the pepper was 75%gone, with just a sprinkle of masticated flesh and seeds left on the carpet. No one seemed to be the worse for wear. So much for THAT experiment.

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Malissa said...

I adopted a rescue boy who is like a small horse. Coming from a pug I didn't put it together that he could reach things on the counters and the dining room table. Well needless to say I learned pretty quick to put stuff way against the wall or in the fridge! He even got to a brand new bag of tortillas, made a small hole on the edge of the package and sucked them all out! I don't think he would go for a hot pepper though, but I am not going to test it. Never underestimate the garbage disposal stomachs of dogs!