Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still here

The new kitty is still here, and looking much better. She has eaten and drunk plenty of food and water, groomed herself, napped in one of our many kitty beds (in the garage), and seems to have decided that this is a good place to stay. And why not? We're still worried about the big belly - kittens? worms? She spent much of today sitting on the door mat outside the front door, acting as if she's in charge of this joint and always has been. That infuriated the dogs almost beyond bearing. Oh well, they have to have something to protest.

But according to Mr. P., now that the heat has dropped, the outdoor dogs will no longer be allowed to roam the back yard freely at night. When they're loose, they bark, scream and holler for hours and hours. Some of us wear ear plugs, and some of us don't. Effective immediately, outdoor dogs will be confined to seg (segregation) at night, locked into their own shed where we hope their barks and howls will at least be muffled by plywood, MDF, and insulation.

Night, all!

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