Monday, May 25, 2009

I give up

I give up. I'm not giving out any more dog advice (not that I'd already done much that you'd notice).

I'm just a total failure with this batch of dogs.

Every other dog I ever had (many) was totally bummed out when I yelled, "No!" or "Bad dog!" at their misbehavior. They were delighted when I cooed, "Good dog" after they peed or pooped outside.

These dogs (Patch and her pups) just don't care. They shred the expensive, specially-scented puppy-training pads. They pee or poop inside while looking me straight in the eye, and when I shout at them, they do the canine equivalent of shrugging. When I (verbally) reward them for doing that outside, they shrug and move on.

Maybe Mr. P. could do better with training them, but he's at work all day long and they're angelic (relatively speaking) when he gets home.

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