Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not loving the dogs today

I'm not loving these dogs today.

I just let them in after they had been playing outside for several hours. Within 2 minutes of setting foot inside, 4 of them had crapped on the rug, 2 of them had peed on the rug, 1 of them peed on my ottoman, and 1 of them peed on a throw pillow. One of the miscreants was Georgie, who as Senior Dog is supposed to know better. I guess he does know better, because he went in my study and did it where no one could see him (I just happened to catch sight of him on my way through the hallway). I shouted at him, "What are you doing? Why aren't you out in the living room eating Meg's poop?" Then I looked wildly from one dog to the next, feeling totally out of control. Not in control of them, and not in control of me either. The dogs paused in the midst of their wrestling and looked up at me with puzzled expressions. Meg backed away from me while Jinx and Patch ran to the door and begged to be let outside again. I thought, "I'm a monster," and gave myself a time-out.

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