Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spa Day

All 7 dogs had a spa day today. First bath of the year for Georgie and Polly. First bath of a lifetime for Patch and the puppies.

This operation required 7 old bath towels, a large bottle of Hawaiian ginger flea shampoo (I told you it was a spa day), a leash, and a garden hose. And the cat supervising from a safe distance while snickering to himself.

Mr. P. and I changed into shorts and rubber sandals (sounds kinky), grabbed Berry (who we thought would object loudly) and took him outside to a place where none of the other dogs could see him and possibly freak out. Berry was very dirty (he loves to dig), but he took it like a champ. One by one we tackled the rest of the dogs. Except for Polly, who is chronically wiggly, they were all amazingly well-behaved.

Mr. P. was so invigorated by this experience that he wants to get the dogs a water slide now. Exactly how that would work in the flatlands of west Tennessee, I'm not sure. Perhaps he could spread a Slip-n-Slide over the length of the back yard, flood it with water, and fling himself onto it to demonstrate the technique for the dogs. That would be worth videotaping, if we had the equipment.

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