Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Miss Mighty Mouse

I'm not talking about a computer mouse. I'm talking about the superhero star of comics and TV when I was a child.
This afternoon Patch and the 4 puppies were wrestling on the living room floor while Georgie and Polly watched from the sidelines. Gradually they moved closer and closer to my chair, until they were jostling my legs and making me cry, "Cut it out, you guys!"
Evidently Polly thought this was a threat to my safety, because suddenly she leaped into the air, flew into their midst, and began biting Berry's leg. He reacted mildly - as if she were a pesky little fly (which she is) - so she renewed her attack and finally broke up the whole gang into small, harmless groups. Then she hopped on my lap and surveyed the room with considerable satisfaction on her face.
Mighty Mouse to the rescue!

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