Thursday, May 21, 2009

I often look at Polly and wonder what she's thinking. You might look at her and say, "With eyeballs that big, there isn't any room for brains in her head." Which could be true. Mr. P. says we should have named her Lucy (as in I Love Lucy).

You might say dogs can't think because that's the exclusive province of humans. But how could you look at this face and believe there's nothing but random electrical impulses going on in there?

Fortunately (or maybe not), having 7 dogs and 1 cat is improving my animal mind-reading skills. Here's what Polly thought about this afternoon:

12:32 pm - Is it suppertime yet?

12:45 pm - I saw a dragon in the yard! I know I saw a dragon! Why won't Mum let me out there to kill it? Doesn't she realize the danger?

12: 46 pm - Is it suppertime yet?

1:04 pm - Meg just peed on the rug. I saw her with my own eyes. Why isn't Mum yelling at her about it? Why do I get yelled at for peeing on the rug, but not Meg? It just isn't fair!

1:22 pm - A biscuit sure would be nice right now.

2:01 pm - I wish I could have my own phone. A pink princess phone. I could call Patch and we could talk about boys and she could give me the answers to my math homework.

2:38 pm - There goes that dragon again! How dare it?! Why can't Georgie see the dragon? Is he blind?

3:01 pm - Mum's going to the refrigerator! What's she getting? An orange! She's eating it all by herself. Doesn't she know how much I love oranges?

3:25 pm - Oh no, Teddy's got my favorite purple blankie, the one with pink butterflies on it that match my collar. That's MY blankie!

3:26 pm - Ha ha, Teddy's getting yelled at for peeing on my blankie.

3: 28 pm - Oh no, my blankie's going into the washing machine monster. Why doesn't Mum realize how dangerous that monster is? What if my blankie never comes out again? Does it get dizzy in there?

4:05 pm - Is it suppertime yet?

4:07 pm - where's supper?

4:09 pm - I wonder what's for supper?

4:11 pm - Chicken livers for supper would be nice.

4:13 pm - Chicken livers with ice cream would be nicer.

4:15 pm - Oh, what a relief, here's my blankie, safe and sound. Oh, so nice and warm from the dryer.

4:16 pm - Now Berry's peed on my blankie. I'm not exactly sure what all the words mean, but Mum sure sounds mad.

4:17 pm - Bye bye, Berry. Write when you get work.

4:19 pm - I better check my food bowl. You never know.

4:20 pm - Nothing. Is she trying to starve me to death?

4:22 pm - Even a bowl of kibble would be OK.

4:24 pm - How about 4 pieces of kibble?

4:26 pm - Two pieces of kibble?4:28 pm - I'm going to faint with hunger. Maybe Mum will finally pay attention if I faint.

4:30 pm - Hallelujah! Here comes a big bowl of kibble! Yum, yum, munch, crunch, urrp.

4:32 pm - Now, a nice drink of water. With Jinx slobber in it. Ick.

4:33 pm - That's better.

4:34 pm - Is it suppertime yet?

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ubon said...

chicken liver
is all time favorite

Is it suppertime yet?