Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 3rd installment from Fritz & Ziggy

Fritz & Ziggy:
We want to warn you about all the cats that live around here. We do our best to chase them away, but they keep coming back. You have to be really careful because they have really sharp claws and boy, are they fast! They aren't good for much cause all they do is lay around the house when they're not hissing at us, but when they run they sure are fun to chase! You should see Harley when we chase him across the yard! He jumps all the way up on top of the fence and then just sits there looking at us! We think it's really unfair that they can jump higher than we can. The last time Ziggy jumped onto the dining room table he got in trouble!

My dogs enjoy chasing cats too. Smoky used to jump up on a fence post to get away, but now the puppies are big enough to reach the top of the post. The other day, the puppies got Smoky cornered and Mr. P. had to rescue him. I think the puppies were just playing, but Mr. P. was extremely cross with them over that. We didn't see Smoky for several hours after that. I think he was hiding under the tractor.

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