Thursday, July 9, 2009

Polly & the Ken the Squirrel

Polly loves to suck her stuffed white squirrel. It's the only toy she's ever done this to (well, actually, it's the second toy she's done it to - the other one being her first stuffed squirrel, the one the puppies killed). In addition to the squirrel, she has a pink bear that is apparently acceptable for cuddling but not for sucking. For a long time, my friends and family thought I was making up the whole squirrel-sucking thing, and every time I tried to photograph it, Polly would stop sucking and give me a "Do you mind?" look. But I finally have photographic evidence.
Since the squirrel comes from Kenton, TN (famous for its "real" white squirrels), Polly's squirrel is now named "Ken".

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