Friday, July 17, 2009

A Grow Day

Earlier today, Meg seemed kind of droopy (maybe the floppy ears contribute to that). Even when I cuddled and kissed her, she just lay there (no tail wagging, no smiling, no giggling). At first I thought, "Jeez, being spayed really has made her into a fat, lazy dog>'

I suppose she could have been worried about something, like not having a date for Friday night.

Then I thought, "Maybe she's having a grow day."

I hadn't heard of grow days until I married Mr. P. and we adopted a puppy who would run around at 400 mph for what seemed like 23 hours straight, then suddenly crash and sleep for another 23 hours. While the puppy slept, I would say, "Do you think Buster is sick?" and Mr. P. would say, "No, he's just having a grow day."

"A grow day?"

"He just needs to rest while his body is growing. He'll be OK. You'll see."

And sure enough, Buster would soon be up, seemingly 50% bigger than before, and trashing and bashing everything in sight.

I think that's what was going on with Meg today, even though she and her brothers are a "mature" 7 months old. She and the rest of the gang (including Patch) have not stopped moving once in the past 2 hours. So I'm happy. But I'm scared, because I'm not sure I can handle these guys if they get any bigger than they are now!

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