Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guilty as Charged!

Sorry for yet another blurry photo, but I think this one gives you the general idea. I'm a writer, not a photographer!

Each one of our critters has their favorite spot.

Georgie loves Mr. Parker's chair (smells like Dad).
Smoky likes to sleep on the tractor (smells like Dad? grass? motor oil?).
Patch likes to sit on the wooden bench that's built onto our deck, where she can survey her kingdom.
Jinx likes the big blue armchair in the livingroom (accomodates his long limbs).
Teddy likes the smaller, green armchair (maybe because Jinx won't let him get up on the other chair).
Meg rarely gets up on a chair - she'd rather sprawl out on the carpet in the major traffic area between the living area and the kitchen/dining area.
Polly likes my chair, but like a flea, she's happy to crawl on top of any other available dog.
And Berry likes the bed in my study (see today's photo for evidence of this).

Last night as I was tidying things up in my study, I happened to notice a dark spot on the quilt on the bed. Sniff and touch test results: someone peed there. Who could have done that? Quick pet check. Only Berry, Georgie and Polly are inside. G&P have never been seen to pee on the bed. And who is too freaking lazy to get up to pee? Berry! Guilty as charged!

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