Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Smoky on the prowl

A while back, I posted about Smoky capturing and torturing a baby bunny. He will not listen to reason about this.

Yesterday I saw him stalking through the garden with a huge, fluttering bug in his mouth. I thought it was a moth, but Mr. P. thought it was a cicada. Cicadas can be pesty and noisy in our part of the world. I didn't follow Smoky to find out what he did with the bug. Probably spit it out after it was thoroughly traumatized.


Mareydenis said...

My corgis work as a team to flush bunnies from the bushes, chase, kill and eat them! Between the nest of 8 teeny babies that Tuesday ate and the others, we've probably had about a dozen bunny murders! This has earned them the nickname of The Corgi Mafia.

Why the bunnies keep coming in our fence is beyond me!!! : )

Jean said...

There must be something tasty beyond the fence that keeps tempting the bunnies into Corgi Territory (or should I say "terror-tory"?)!
The Corgis look so sweet and innocent in that photo...