Friday, July 17, 2009

Geometry & Teddy

When I was in school, I was lousy in math and science. Geometry, algebra, trig, chemistry, everything (biology was OK, somehow, even dissecting frogs, because I could see how it related to ME, the most important being in the universe). My parents had to hire a tutor to help me get through enough math to graduate from high school. After that it was relatively smooth sailing because I studied art in college and aside from some passing comments about the chemistry of pottery glazes, a biology class (raising irradiated seeds in a warm greenhouse in January), and an astronomy class (I sat next to my boyfriend and copied his notes and exam answers), I didn't have to deal with anything mathematical or scientific until my late 20's, when I was taking business administration courses and found that math associated with money made lots of sense.

But does geometry apply to a living critter like a puppy? Here's how: study Teddy's body in repose. Is that a 90 degree angle between his legs and his torso? Almost! But how you do you measure that smile with geometry?

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