Sunday, July 5, 2009

Girl Talk

Polly and Meg feel like today is going very slowly.

Meg: I'm bored.
Polly: Wanna play Veterinarian Barbie?
Meg: Barbie is stupid.
Polly: Wanna call boys on the phone?
Meg: The only boys we know are my brothers.
Polly: Wanna go swimming in the Barnetts' pond?
Meg: No way! The cows poop in that pond.
Polly: Wanna dig a hole to China?
Meg: Did that yesterday. Twice.
Polly: Wanna watch a movie on TV?
Meg: Nothing good on. I'm gonna take a nap.
(2 minutes of silence)
Polly: I'm bored.


Lisa O. said...

Sounds just like my 10 year old Great Nephew when he visited last week!

Jean said...

And was that his conversation with F&Z, or with his aunt?