Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Constant motion

The puppies are in constant motion. If they are still for an instant and I make a stealthy move for my camera, someone (usually Berry) senses it and moves. If one of them decides to flop down and take a little rest from their labors, another one (often Patch) will pounce on the resting dog and provoke a tussle. I have always known this about puppies. They're active, restless, curious, easily bored, and mischievous. I just never before had to deal with so many puppies at one time. Nor did I have to deal with such big puppies. Polly weighed 12.8 lbs when we got her at 9 months old. These whoppers were three times that size at 5 months old. I can't even lift the puppies into my lap any more. Last night I lifted Polly to put her to bed (in a chair with her quilt, squirrel, and bear) and she was so light, I almost flung her across the room.

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