Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twilight Dogs

No, not vampire dogs.

Dogs at twilight. That's when I put Patch and the puppies to bed, because our back yard near their clubhouse is poorly lit and it's hard to manage five dogs and a flashlight.

When I put them to bed last night, they all galloped towards the clubhouse as usual (motivated by kibble time, not sleepy time). Suddenly Meg veered off at an angle. I didn't chide her for it because sometimes she stops for a quick pee. But she didn't pee. She ran, stopped, changed direction, and ran again. I was puzzled until I saw the tiny flickering lights. She was chasing fireflies. I couldn't blame her - they fascinate me too - so I just quietly asked her if she was coming to bed. I guess my voice broke the spell because she trotted right over.

Tonight when I was driving home at twilight from a session at my health club, I saw fireflies everywhere. Mr. P. had put the dogs to bed already but I thought kind of wistfully of how Miss Meg would like to see them. But getting her up meant getting up the rest of the gang, and I wasn't prepared to deal with that, so I let the sleeping dogs lie.

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